How Adopting Personalized Nutrition Has Improved My Overall Health

The Blood Type Diet keeps me fit and young. Not bad for a middle-aged woman, eh? (I was 45 in the photo.)

Pleasant Surprises

As a result of adjusting my diet to what my body truly needs and can assimilate, I experienced a series of amazing health benefits:

Obstacles Along the Journey

In the beginning, I realized that I had to give up all processed food because they contain ingredients that are toxic for my blood type. Among them are all the corn-derived products that are so rampant in processed food, disguised in preservatives and flavorings in the names of citric acid, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), “natural flavorings” and so on.



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Louisa - Midlife Wellness Coach

Louisa - Midlife Wellness Coach

I help women going through menopausal transitions lose weight and live a healthier, chronic illness-free life through acts of SELF CARE built into daily habits.